How to Launch and Market Your New Logo for Branding Success


Whether you are a new company or you are an existing one who is just going through a period of reinvention, branding plays a huge role in the company’s overall success. Without an effective branding campaign and strategy, it will be hard to build recognition and loyalty, which means your customer base will suffer. One of the central parts of any branding strategy is to create a company logo that is unique, memorable and strong, giving customers something that they will instantly recognize moving forward.

Marvel brand logo

Your logo is something you can use on your products and services, marketing and advertising material, signage, and more. It’s a way to draw all aspects of your business together and create flow. If you’re looking to launch a new logo for your company and want to be sure that it hits the mark where branding success is concerned, then here are some tips you can follow.

Give Plenty of Thought to the Logo Design

The very first step of launching a new logo is to make sure you take the time and really think about the logo you choose. Ask yourself what the logo needs to convey – what is its main purpose? This can help to narrow down your ideas and provide a little direction. Often, it’s best to keep things relatively simple so that there is no confusion over what the logo is or means.

If you’re having a hard time designing the logo, you can always get a little outside help and hire a designer. They can listen to your thoughts and ideas and then put a few things down on paper that you can take a look at. Your end result will be something extremely professional and effective.

Make Sure the Logo Appeals to Your Customer Base

Besides designing something that is unique and targets your company’s main purpose, it also needs to appeal to your customer base. For example, let’s say that you own a children’s clothing company, then it makes sense for your logo to be related to kids and parents so that you appeal to the right kind of audience.

All Aspects of Your Company Need to Use the Logo

The next tip is to ensure that all aspects and branches of your company will be using this new logo design. If your marketing department is the only department using it, then your branding efforts will fail. It needs to be across the board and all at once.

Your logo should show up on letterheads, promotional material, swag products like customized lapel pins that feature your well designed logo, staff uniforms, etc.

Snapchat ad at Times Square

Snapchat ad on Times Square, NYC

Don’t Hesitate to Create Buzz and Excitement

Rather than just roll your logo out across the board overnight without a peep, there is absolutely nothing wrong with generating buzz and going about things in a slower manner. This can create hype around your products and services and get people excited for your brand.

There should be a plan in place that includes announcements to existing customers about the new logo, press releases sent to the media, and buzz on your social networks. The idea is that you are giving everyone a bit of a heads up that a new logo is coming so that customers aren’t left confused and instead are left anxious to see what you have in store.

Tackle the Process in a Well-Planned Manner

Deciding you want to change your company logo isn’t something you want to do on a whim. Instead it is a process that takes time, thought, consideration, a bit of research, and a rollout that has been well-planned and executed.


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